AWF Adventure Centre

The AWF Adventure Center is situated in the Vredefort Dome area close to Parys. The Adventure Center is in and old Quarry where they used to mine Granite. This site has a big Geological value to students of Geology as they can study the surfaces mined.

The quarry has smooth rock surfaces as they cut the Granite out of the Kopje. Some of these sides are 60 meters high and ideal for Abseiling.

The hole is filled with water up to 16 meters deep. Some dive instructors bring their students here for training, as the water is clear if it has not rained for 4 days.

The Adventure center offers a unique venue for adventure activities as follows:


River Rafting:

The rafting on the Vaal River is an experience that is seldomly found anywhere else. The river looks like a Delta with millions of islands and streams going through them. The river is graded a class 2 river with a class 3 rapid on it which we will negotiate. You have a choice of a full day which is ± 14 kilometers or a half day which is ± 7 kilometers long. We can set up any length of trip for you. We specialize in taylor made packages.

Adventure Racing:

This site is ideal for adventure racing teams to practice at. The site provides you with the necessary infra structure to test your equipment and get your team to work as a unit.

We have farmers around us that have agreed to let adventure-racing teams onto their property for training purposes. You can practice for a day, a weekend or just come through in the week if your program allows you to.






4x4 Track:

We have built a 4x4 track to suit the different needs of our clients. The track consists out of three stages namely;

If you have a 4x4 vehicle and want to see what it can do, come and join us for a couple hours of fun and excitement and learn how to drive your vehicle.

For corporate clients we present a day of fun and teambuilding opportunities, you do not even need to own a 4x4 to come and play with us. You can bring the family and friends or come alone.







For Quads we designed a challenging track for the Quad biker who wants to play on the weekend. We do not charge by the hour but by the day. This means you can ride as many times as you like in the day with camping available.

Corporate clients are welcome to join us for a Teambuilding adventure on Quads. We provide the quads and put you through the paces.





You have a choice of which height you want to abseil. We have a 12-meter, 42-meter and a 64-meter Abseil. This is off a shear Granite face and you Abseil into a boat at the bottom of the Quarry.




Fly Fishing:

We take you to spots on the Vaal River where nobody else fishes. You will be fishing for Yellow Fish in rapids. This is one of the most exciting fish to catch on a fly. We take you on a Guided experience and will show you where to catch the fish.






We have an exciting all natural course where you can declare war against your buddies or work colleagues. We supply all the gear; all you have to do is show up and take the challenge.

We have a whole lot of activities to choose from from corporate to the individual weekend warrior, hit the contact us button to find out more.




So what are you waiting for? Come and join us on an adventure filled weekend, bring your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend and/or your kids. Let the adrenaline rush through your veins as you challenge the elements and the limits.


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