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Change Management

Change management can be defined as the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change, to achieve the required outcomes, and to realise the change effectively within the individual change agent, the inner team and the wider system.

In essence, change takes place on three levels: The self, them team or the (small) organization and the wider system that surrounds the team or the organisation.


We offer 3 basic products in change management

Change Management Process Facilitation.

Potential clients are any type and size of organization that is planning to undergo a change and wants to manage all possible risks, including the people-related risks in ensuring that the desired end state is achieved.

The product consists of a process, associated tools and techniques supported by first hand knowledge and experience in human and organizational behaviour.

The Change Management process has three distinct phases, all of which has specific defined goals and outcomes and for which specific actions, tools and techniques are applied. The three phases are not rigid and mutually exclusive, but they do provide the necessary focus for the planning and execution of activities. The three phases are:

These phases are easily integrated with typical project phases, from Start-up and Planning phase; to Solution Implementation phase.

The ideal model, especially in larger companies, is to co-operate client resources in the planning and execution of change management interventions. This has two major advantages, namely it brings company own knowledge to the table which make it easier to develop customize interventions, and secondly, it facilitates knowledge transfer to the company.

Change Management Training for potential Change Managers

The target audience for this product is Line managers who are tasked with implementing change in their organizations, or faced with managing the impact of major changes in their environment on his or her people. HR practitioners will also benefit from this product as they can perform an important support and coaching role to their line management.

The product covers amongst others, the following areas:

The product consists of various workshops (if more than 5 participants), varying in length and quantity; and/or one-on-one coaching sessions.

Mastering Change

The target for this product is all people who are affected and impacted by or faced with change, (irrespective of whether it is self initiated or a result from external forces) and need to learn how to manage it on a personal level.

The purpose of the product is to equip people with the necessary thinking, feeling and behavioural tools to, not only cope with change in the short term, but to empower them to be masters of change in their own lives.

It is foreseen that this product will take the form of one to two day workshops consisting of group discussions, role plays, group activities, self assessments and personal planning.

A truly mind-blowing experience!

Team development

Who needs a team building/development intervention?

Clues from your environment that indicates that you might benefit from a team intervention . …

Or does the following sound familiar?

We can design a process and programme to suit your specific needs. Our approach include a proper diagnosis of your team’s development areas, planning and design the programme with regular inputs from you, and running the team development process at a venue of your choice. We strongly recommend away from work venues for optimal results. We can assist you in arranging this as well. click on the link below..


These team development interventions are by no means all work and no fun. At AWF we believe that adults learn better, when they are having fun. Our programme design is based on experiential learning and have seen earth-moving results achieved by allowing adults to play. Therefore we normally build in activities, but they are closely knitted in with the specific learning objectives for your team. click on the link below ...


It does not matter how complex or simplistic your logistical problems appear to be. We have the expertise required to develop a solution that will add value to the Company bottom line as a predictable outcome!




…the only competitive weapon left is organization. Sooner or later, traditional forms of competitiveness - cost, technology, distribution manufacturing, and product features can be copied.” – Ulrich 1998

Organization in this context specifically refers to employees and the way in which they are managed. The challenge for all organizations is to firstly gain and then to maintain and enhance their competitive edge through their people.

Business Solutions for Africa aims to help you and your organization in facilitating this edge through enabling your employees to grow through an understanding and appreciation of individual differences and to enhance harmony and productivity among diverse groups. This can be done through various interventions and in all of them we have found the MBTI to be extremely valuable.

Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers who worked together to create the MBTI. MBTI is a well-researched and methodologically sound personality inventory. It is used world-wide to assist in people gaining self insight and awareness of how their preferred behaviour may complement of differ from the behaviour of others.

Benefits of using the MBTI to both the individual and your organization is that:


We have a record of accomplishment to prove it.

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