Why are your people your company’s most valuable asset?

In the business arena all companies and organisations utilise a combination of financial, technological, information and natural resources, together with a staffing component to produce and deliver a product and/or service to the market.

But, have you ever considered that all these resources are meaningless without people, that all of these resources except people can easily be copied at a given price. Yes, it is true that certain people competencies can be headhunted from rival or other companies, but a team can never be copied.

Quality people, working as a team is what can give your company that very important edge above your competitors. At AWF we belief that through team building and development you achieve enormous business value to your bottom-line.


We offer 2 approaches to Teambuilding:

Team adventures Sometimes the request for teambuilding is more fun-orientated than it is a developmental need. Typical objectives with these informal team buildings include getting to know each other, to celebrate achievements, to reward and motivate the team as part of an incentive programme or as a year end function. AWF offers a range of activities to do just this. From


Team Development Combine typical team and adventure activities with team development processes and methodology under the guiding facilitation of an industrial psychologist. The process usually consist of understanding your teams current performance issues, develop a customised team development programme with the client, facilitation of the programme and evaluation of progress. - LINK TO AWF CONSULTING

The AWF team has close to 20 years of experience in both these approaches to team building.

Team building activities include:


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